The Perfect Block For You

Choosing the right block of land
So you’ve saved your deposit and gotten a green light from the bank, now it’s time to find the right block of land to build your dream home on! Your block of land will determine so much about the quality of your build, so it’s important to know what considerations you need to have when you begin your search. Simple questions like ‘do you want to build in a new subdivision or existing area?’ and ‘what size and style home do you want?’ may seem obvious but are only a small piece of the puzzle. With our top 4 tips on choosing the right block of land, you’ll be going into the process with a much better understanding of what’s most important.

1.Get Expert Advice

We can’t stress enough how valuable it is to have a consultant help you through the process of choosing your block. Having a knowledgable sales consultant will make the process so much smoother, as they have the expertise to walk you through all considerations and the ability to assess the type of land that will best suit your needs. Local consultants will be familiar with your area’s planning requirements and how these will affect your choice of land.
2. Evaluate It’s Future Worth
You’re going to want to consider the value of your land in the future, and whether that is likely to healthily increase. Consider things like location, surrounding businesses, ammenities, accessibility to public transport and schools. Find out the future construction plans for the area you’re considering building in – will there be new schools or shopping centres? These will all affect how easy it is sell your property in the future. Naturally, if the area is developed and attractive – or is soon to be, you’ll have a quicker and easier time attracting a sale at a higher price.
3. Know The Planning Requirements
Local governments can have their own requirements when it comes to home size, setbacks, and other planning considerations. Of course, you can do your own research on such requirements, however using a local consultant who is well-versed in this will ensure you don’t encounter any unexpected road blocks down the track once you have already purchased your block.
4. Find The Most Suitable Area
Perhaps the most important consideration when it comes to buying and building your home is the area you’ll be living in. If you’re a family, you’re going to want to choose an area that has nearby schools and child-friendly amenities, whereas a commuter will want good to access to public transport and quality roads. Then there is also the consideration of environmental issues, like whether your desired area is prone to flooding or bushfires. When you weigh it all up, there could be enough reason to reconsider a block. Do your due diligence, and make sure the area is the right fit for you and your family.Now that you understand how important choosing the right block of land for your build is, its time to partner with the right builder who can bring your dream home to life. With 25 years of experience, we are the local choice in superior design expertise, with a highly qualified team to deliver you a luxury home, on time, at an affordable price.
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